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A wide range of environmentally
friendly packaging available

A focus on sustainability

We believe very strongly in the conservation of our environment, its resources and the recycling of as much product as possible. We believe in living the practice of: “reduce”“reuse”“recover” and “recycle”. These four practices are the pillars of our commitment to a better environment and social responsibility.

Wherever possible we endeavour to provide environmentally friendly solutions to our customers, whether these are in the form of using recycled content in our packaging design, biodegradable voidfill, plastics alternatives and formulas and/or an effort to reduce the amount of packaging materials a customer requires. We focus on the total life cycle of a product and recognise that protecting the environment is the responsibility of us all.


Think Green

Our environment is dependent on the businesses of today to take the lead to preserve natural resources for a healthy future. GP Lux and its subsidiaries are dedicated to helping make this happen.

We source and will continue to offer more agreeable products so that our customers can better respond to their customer’s requirements.

Environmentally friendly products we offer include:

We are committed to constantly developing and expanding our environmentally friendly product range so we can offer our customers a complete line of alternative “green” products.

Where required by legislation, all our paper and wood based products are sourced via FSC certified forestries and suppliers.

We will source, where possible, environmentally friendly products that meet most if not all the below criteria:

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