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The Container

We have the right container in all shapes, sizes and quantities — and if we don’t, we can design and manufacture it ourselves. Reduce damage and increase customer satisfaction with containers selected or created just for your product.

Inside the Container

You can put years of research into manufacturing the best widget, but if it arrives damaged it doesn’t matter how good it is. We select high-quality protective supplies from our manufacturers and combine them with one-of-a-kind inserts (like foam, wood and cardboard) that we have manufactured specifically for you.

Outside the Container

Product damage caused by an unsecured container, moisture, corrosion or electrostatic discharge has an immediate effect on your bottom line — not just in that one instance but in the long-term impact it has on customer satisfaction.

We specialize in solving complex challenges for our customers.
These challenges can act as barriers to their profitability. Our job is to identify those barriers and eliminate them.

Corrugated Boxes

A real staple for any operation, in a wide variety of styles and finishes


Add security and flair to your packaging in a number of options

Stretch & Shrink Film

Wrap your shipments in a variety of puncture-resistant styles and colours


One of the most versatile and protective packaging products available

Bubble Wrap

Plastic air cushioning to protect your most sensitive and fragile materials

Void Fill

The next generation of cost-effective and eco-friendly packaging fill


We offer a wide range of one-way pallets, euro pallets, chemical pallets, special pallets, wooden boxes and other.

Anti-Corrosive Products

VCI films that come in a variety of forms to suit various packaging needs.


Montmorillonite Clay or Silica Gel, used to facilitate a low humidity environment by absorbing moisture content in the air.

Sustainable development

In cooperation with our customers and flax board producer, we have developed and designed a flax wedge that is nearly 100% recyclable, in order to replace polystyrene wedges that were used before.


  • The flax wedges are economically viable
  • No harmful plastics
  • Support the green revolution
  • Our partners

    In collaboration with our partners we are able to overcome even largest and most complex challenges.

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